Tips to Write Captivating Script for Your Explainer Video

Ideally, the script for a 60-second explainer video can accommodate as much as 160 words. Thus, it can be quite a task to know what you should write in the script and how you should write it for the viewers to be inclined to watch your video until the end and are convinced to take action afterwards.

Below are several tips that can help you as you write a captivating script for your video.

Start with Visualization

Although elements such as voiceover, sound and visual effects of videos are essentially being assembled together in order to form the final video, the video must not look as if it is assembled. It means that all elements must be perfectly synchronized with one another to make sure that the video will be perceived as a single cohesive unit. To guarantee this synergy, the storyboard artist and scriptwriter must brainstorm and visualize the concept prior to writing the script.

Write to Address Common Problems of Consumers

An effective way to write an engaging video script is to talk about usual problems faced by your audience and then portray your product or service as promising that can solve these issues.

Talk to Target Audience

As you write an explainer video script, you have to remember that this is not meant to be read for it will be heard instead. Thus, the script must be written in such a way that it will directly address viewers with the use of words such as yours and you. Using second person pronouns will add a personal touch to your message and make the viewers feel as if a person is directly talking to them.

Be Wise in Using Words

As stated earlier, an explainer video script that runs for 60 seconds has 150 to 160 words. When you try using more words than this, the voiceover will only sound fast. With barely 160 words to be used, spending them like a miser is a must. When you are done writing the script, proofread it and get rid of unwanted words, trim lengthy sentences and remove repetitive phrases.

Create a Story

Well narrated stories are memorable since these build from one event to another. A single event is based on the past event. Thus, the memory of the whole story starts to build from the base or beginning and continues to build sequentially until the end.

Inject Some Humor

Checkout Again Studios, They make awesome humorous explainer videos. Humor is no doubt is one appeal which can naturally blend with animation technique. It is actually very easy to add humor in an explainer video with the use of word play techniques as well as rhetorical devices such as pun, personification, exaggeration and others. Humor will make your voiceover or script engaging and fun at the same time.

Don’t Forget Call to Action in the End

What’s best about promoting products or services with the use of online medium is that potential prospects can be directed to take immediate action after they learned about your products or services. You need to add call to action at the end of the explainer videos for prospects to know what they should do next.

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